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Also known as the re-boot of Sim City's Next Top Model (2008-2009), SNTM has been on the go for four years and has completed four cycles. After Cycle 4 finished a year long hiatus meant that Cycle 5 "All New" didn't begin until October 2012. Each cycle except the first has featured 14 models and Cycle 5 was the first to feature all star contestants Katoria Inez and Charley Tru-Ong from past seasons. However Charley was disqualified, a first for the series, in the second episode of Cycle 5. The show has produced many big names in the SNTM community, the fourth cycle proving to be the most controversial yet successful having 7 alumni signed to agencies right after the season finished airing. It was announced on 28th April 2013 that a short All-Stars Season would air in the Fall shortly after the 5th Cycle wraps. The upcoming 6th Cycle will be the first to feature both male and female models, and the second season to feature a semi finalist round and will air in early 2014.


Cycle Premiere Winner Runner Up Contestants No. Contestants International Destination
1 August 5th 2009 Hannah Sparks Brittany Fars Lisa Lake, Samantha Rivers, Elena Ramirez, Rissa Styles, Shannon Appleby, Lauren Banks, Ashley Roberts, Nicole Jay 10 Kingston, Jamaica
2 December 29th 2009 Nakyra Vindra Abena Osei Megan Walker, Zaira Thompson, Lilith Hastings, Ada Corerra, Molly Dolly, Kara Schmidt, Amber Hoogens, Leanne Goldwin, Lindsay Kingston, Jeaninne Leach, Allison Mack, Ariel Anderson 14 Athens, Greece
3 September 26th 2010 Harper Ford Kimberly Kritchzek Hayley Jones, Jennifer, Katoria, Driella York, Siobra Willms, Tiniah Garamond, Rebecca Myers, Jewel Aztec, CariDee Von, Gabriella George, Shayla Falk, Petra Woods, Nicole Washington 15 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4 January 8th 2011 Marjolaine LaFleur Beauty Leech Claudia Blue, Aryss Val, Neria Iris, James Kerim, Oprah Thred, Jacqueline Val, Beth James, Fyre Lumini, Grace Amo, Lela Oswald, Violet Honey, Valeria 14 Barcelona, Spain
5 October 12th 2012 Jade Kersall Mallory Redford Stevee Madden, Courtney Hunter, Katoria Inez*, Tyler Snugg, Vienna Mercy, Mariah Avon, Jeanne Smith, Caintly Eventas, Ali Albercht, Charley Tru-Ong, Kara Wize, Cashmere Parks 14 Milan, Italy
All Stars February 1st 2014 Mallory Redford Abena Osei Stevee Madden, Lindsay Kingston, Mariah Avon, Beauty Leech, Claudia Blue, Nicole Washington, Courtney Hunter, Kimberly Kritchzek, Vienna Mercy, Jewel Aztec 12 -
6 August 4th 2014 Gabrielle Moon Fionne Michaels

Chyna Reynolds

Sung Cho Wan, Beverly Lima, Kara Wize**, Renee George, Gemini Apricot, Nolan Woosley, Kim Burley, Eva Prittchard, Teyona Adams, Erica Martin 13 Auckland, New Zealand
7 April 1st 2015 Magenta Wild Jae-Hwa Yoon Ashlee Blackbern, Hayley Marshall, Willow Hendricks, Stassi Leonard, Shin Haneul, Erendida Rulli, Daphne Ioalnin, Liam Frog, Dominique West, Hesper Finninger, Sana Norberg, Solbritt Ceder-Johannesson 14 Seoul, South Korea
  • Katoria Inez* competed in Cycle 3 and was brought back to compete again in Cycle 5.
  • Kara Wize** competed in Cycle 5 and was brought back to compete again in Cycle 6.


Judge Cycle
1 (2009) 2 (2009) 3 (2010) 4 (2011) 5 (2012) All Stars 6 (2014) 7 (2015)
Tyra Banks HOST
Roman Rockford JUDGE
Samantha Ward JUDGE
Natalia Savelo JUDGE
Marcella van Buren JUDGE JUDGE
Britney Hilton GUEST
Guro Pettersen JUDGE
Miss Jay JUDGE
Doutzen Kroes JUDGE
Rachel Lorentz JUDGE


The prizes have changed over the various cycles, the only one which has remained every season is the $100,000 CoverGirl Contract. Vogue Italia was offered as a prize as early as Cycle 4, previously it was a cover and spread in Seventeen Magazine. V I P Models have welcomed the winner of the series since Cycle 3. In the first and second seasons the agency associated with the show was the now closed MasterModel Agency. Other prizes include a $50,000 contract with Dolce & Gabbana (Cycle 3). It is announced that the winner of (All-New) will receive a mystery surprise at the end of the competition, the only hint is that it's a campaign for a high end designer which is yet to be officially revealed.

Prizes (Bolded prizes are current)

  • $100,000 CoverGirl Contract (2009 - Present)
  • V I P Models Contract (2010 - Present)
  • Cover and Spread in Vogue Italia (2011 - Present)
  • Saint Laurent Campaign (2015 - Present)
  • Versace Campaign (2012-2015)
  • Gucci Campaign (2012)
  • $50,000 Contract with D&G (2010)
  • MasterModel Agency Contract (2009 - 2010)
  • Seventeen Magazine Cover (2009 - 2011)


The show has followed a regular and consistent format since the first season. Each episode features a challenge plus a photoshoot which the models are evaluated on and each episode one model is sent home. The exceptions to this are the double elimination featured in Cycle 2, outside of panel eliminations featured in Cycle 2 and 4, Ashley quitting in Cycle 1 Episode 2 and the disqualification of Charley in Cycle 5 (All-New). Cycles 2, 4 & 5 all featured 14 contestants whereas Cycle 1 had 10 and although Cycle 3 originally had 14, Rebecca was added in the second episode rounding it up to 15. It was announced on January 21st 2013 that the show would undergo significant format alterations for the upcoming Co-Ed Cycle 6 although nothing is confirmed just yet.

Partnerships & Recurring FeaturesEdit

Since Cycle 2 (2010), the series has been in partnership with the popular CC brand 'Fashion Republic', with the creator behind it, Olga, present as a regular panel judge from Cycle 3-4 as well as being creative director at photoshoots (later replaced by Roman Rockford in Cycle 5). V I P Models has been a part of the prize package since it was first established, the series being one of the premiere shows to be in partnership with the agency. The agency has previously been home to SNTM alumni Abena Osei, Nakyra Vindra, Harper Ford, Beauty Leech and currently Cycle 4 Winner Marjolaine LaFleur. The Winner of Cycle 5 will also be signed to this agency.