All-New Sims Next Top Model 2012-2013


The twelve finalists of Cycle 5

Applications were accepted from the 12th August > 3rd September. Photoshoots were subjected to voter input, as well as regular fan-favourite polls to keep track of the general preference regarding the competitors. This cycle was the first to feature a disqualification after it was discovered that Charley Tru-Ong was in fact a clone of a sim on the GoS Forum. It is also the first cycle to feature casting interviews as seen in Episode 1, as well as the first time ever that two previous contestants have been brought back for a second chance. The cycle has been heralded as the most high fashion to come out of the series to date and featured a re-vamp of the judging panel as well as other guests. For the first time in the show's history there are no guest judges, and it will be the last cycle to have Marcella van Buren as the V I P Representative due to her stepping down. It has been revealed that at some point in this cycle a contestant will return purely down to viewer voting. This cycle is scheduled to feature 12 episodes including a clip show style recap before the finale episode which will show unseens footage from Episode 4 which was shortened as well as other unseen clips and backstage drama plus a look back at the journey of the Final 3. The prizes for this cycle include a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, a contract with V I P Models, a cover and spread in Vogue Italia as well as a surprise campaign which is yet to be revealed.

~ The Finalists (revealed 6th September)

Contestant Age Creator Outcome Rank
Cashmere Parks 18 Tyriek93 Eliminated in Episode 1 13th
Kara Wize 18 TaraNicoleVside
Charley Tru-Ong 17 CoutureSims Disqualified in Episode 2 12th
Ali Albercht 17 Simseriesmaker Eliminated in Episode 2 11th
Caintly Eventas 16 Benjoviso07return Eliminated in Episode 3 10th
Courtney Hunter 18 SCNTMuploads Eliminated in Episode 4 N/A
Non-Elimination - Episode 5
Jeanne Smith 20 simSTAR Eliminated in Episode 6 9th
Mariah Avon 23 Malvina Lara Eliminated in Episode 7 8th
Vienna Mercy 19 iSjazoo Eliminated in Episode 7 7th
Tyler Snugg 16 SNTMGOD14 Eliminated in Episode 8 6th
Recap - Episode 9
Katoria Inez 22 Ghanianboi2 Eliminated in Episode 10 5th
Courtney Hunter 18 SCNTMuploads Eliminated in Episode 11 4th
Stevee Madden 17 Mindless Machinima Eliminated in Episode 12 3rd
Mallory Redford 19 Asciisski Runner-Up 2nd
Jade Kersall 19 SimVogue Winner 1st

Episode Descriptions

The Girls Who Come Back

First aired October 12th 2012                                                                                                                             A surprise is revealed to the fourteen semi finalists who appeared to be the finalists of Cycle 5, that four of them would be leaving in the first episode. The models had their first photoshoot in a hyper-stylized steampunk themed scenario and then had one on one interviews with Tyra Banks and working model Britney Hilton where they were asked about their background and critiqued on their picture. Mariah and Vienna shone in the judges' eyes and despite Tyler's passion for modelling being called into question by Tyra her picture was without a doubt one of the strongest. It was revealed at elimination that it was too tough a decision to eliminate four and so instead of there being ten finalists it was raised to twelve. In the end Cashmere and Kara were cut from the competition. 

  • First call-out: Mariah Avon
  • Bottom three: Stevee Madden, Cashmere Parks & Kara Wize
  • Eliminated: Cashmere Parks & Kara Wize
  • Special Guests: Britney Hilton

The Girl Who Gets Disqualified

First aired November 25th 2012                                                                                                                          The remaining twelve models arrive at their first official challenge of the competition; a runway show modelling gowns judged by Tyra and V I P Representative Marcella van Buren. Before the show, all-star contestant Katoria is brought aside and gets another makeover in an attempt to elevate her look, opting for the makeover she got in Cycle 3, platinum blonde way hair which she gladly accepts. She along with Mallory are ranked amongst the top two in the runway critiques however Mallory takes the title getting to keep the dress of her choice. Later, the models arrive at their luxurious house in the Hollywood Hills. The photosohoot calls for the models to pose nude and Katoria excels followed by Mariah and Tyler. Before deliberations Courtney speaks up that Stevee questioned her motives for being in the competition down to lack of confidence which ruffles feathers among the other girls who have already distanced themselves from Courtney. Vienna struggles and lands in the bottom two with Ali and ultimately is declared safe.

  • First call-out: Katoria Inez
  • Bottom two: Vienna Mercy & Ali Albercht
  • Eliminated: Ali Albercht
  • Special Guests: Alexandra Styles

The Girl Who Everybody Hates

First aired December 25th 2012                                                                                                                         Back at the house after panel the girls, except Courtney, reflect on the elimination incident and Katoria decides to discuss what happened with Courtney and sends Caintly out to get her from the poolside to which she reluctantly agrees to doing. When she eventually is inside with the other girls she openly admits that her calling out Stevee's insecurities is her way of filtering out the 'weak' to much disdain from the other girls. After a heated argument Courtney flees leaving the house in a tense state. Later Jade, Jeanne and Mallory talk amongst one another about what went down and reveal that not only do they fear Courtney but also have an issue with Katoria's bossiness. At the photoshoot the girls are styled in heavy make up and low lighting to produce other worldly high fashion images. Jade excels, producing her first best photo which receives barrels of praise from the panel. Katoria is praise as well but advised to try posing front on after posing in profile for the 3rd time in a row. In the end Jeanne and Caintly landed in the bottom-two and Jeanne got to stay while Caintly was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Jade Kersall
  • Bottom two: Jeanne Smith & Caintly Eventas
  • Eliminated: Caintly Eventas

The Girl Who Is Slipping

First aired January 21st 2013                                                                                                                          This one-of-a-kind episode only featured an extended panel. The photoshoot theme was to model couture dresses in which Stevee surprised the judges and slayed her fellow competitors. Vienna was also lauded for making a comeback after spending two weeks struggling in her shoots. Jade was told she had higher expectations from the judges and her photo was a step back from her previous one. Mariah is warned that she is quickly falling in the competition, Tyler is told she is remaining in her comfort zone however it is Katoria and Courtney who end up in the bottom two. Katoria for delivering a stiff and awkward pose whilst modelling in profile for the fourth time even after being warned by the judges not to, and Courtney for delivering a lack luster typically 'pretty' picture and for talking back to the judges. In the end Katoria is saved and Courtney is eliminated.

  • First call-out: Stevee Madden
  • Bottom two: Katoria Inez & Courtney Hunter
  • Eliminated: Courtney Hunter

The Girls Who Survive

First aired; 7th February 2013                                                                                                                          The photoshoot this week calls for the models to put their engines into high gear and fight for their place in the competition as it approaches the halfway mark. The theme is modelling couture dresses from the iconic Sim Fashion House 'La Maison Renard' while donning heavy make up. Jade, Vienna and Stevee are all lauded for their dynamic pictures while Mallory, Katoria and Tyler struggle in the judges' critiques. Stevee claims the top spot for a second week running, Tyler, who is warned to step it up quickly because of her boring pictures, is just safe from the bottom two. Between Mallory and Katoria who were both deemed to be amongst the strongest competitors, no elimination took place and both were safe much to the disappointment of Mariah.

  • First call-out: Stevee Madden
  • Bottom two: Katoria Inez & Mallory Redford
  • Eliminated: Neither
  • Special Guest: Britney Hilton

The Girl Who is Least Popular

First aired; 25th February 2013                                                                                                                 Tensions are running high after the shocking non-elimination at the previous panel. Vienna, Tyler and Stevee discuss some animosity building between Mariah and Katoria although Tyler couldn't care less for their drama as she begins to go into practising overdrive in an attempt to prove to the judges she is top model material and not a one note kind of girl. The models head over to downtown LA's VIP Headquarters where they meet Marcella van Buren alongside Oz and AJ who are there to administer a mock casting themed challenge. Mallory, who wows them with her extensive knowledge of fashion, obvious passion for the industry as well as convincing portfolio wins the challenge. Her prize is to receive 50+ frames at her next photoshoot and she must pick another girl to receive 25. Much to Mariah's surprise, who considers Mallory her closest friend, Mallory chooses Katoria aka Mariah's rival which only angers her more. They then meet Tyra in panel where a shocking twist leaves them stunned.

  • First call-out: Mallory Redford
  • Bottom two: Jeanne Smith & Mariah Avon
  • Eliminated: Jeanne Smith
  • Special Guests: Oz (VIP Models/Asciisski) & AJ (SCNTMuploads/AJ Designs CEO)

The Girl Who Leaves LA Last 

First aired; 3rd April 2013                                                                                                                                        After elimination Tyra announces the remaining seven models will go into another photoshoot right away with her as a photographer and afterwards yet another elimination will commence. At panel, Mallory is universally praised for her picture although Tyra mentions not to use the same pose too often, despite overall producing the best shot of the group. Jade is praised for her consistency week to week although she is advised to try different facial expressions. Stevee receives positive reviews, specifically that she switched up her style of modelling. In the end Mariah and Vienna land in the bottom two, Mariah is criticised for her diminishing performance levels and the fact that she is the most experienced model hurts her reputation as she performed the weakest. Vienna is criticised for her up and down performances and her awkward picture. In the end the judges keep Vienna because her stronger pictures outdo Mariah's, sending her home.

  • First call-out: Mallory Redford
  • Bottom two: Vienna Mercy & Mariah Avon
  • Eliminated: Mariah Avon

The photosohoot is the first of the campaigns of the season as the girls pose in lingerie modelling for a Versace fragrance which intimidates them. One of the models finally acheives best picture while a shocking bottom two leads to yet another unlikely elimination. Afterwards an announcement by Tyra leaves the girls rattled. This is the panel in which Tyra reveals the mystery campaigns as the final part of the prize package; a Gucci and Versace campaign.

  • First call-out: Tyler Snugg
  • Bottom two: Jade Kersall & Vienna Mercy
  • Eliminated: Vienna Mercy

The Girl Who Stirs

First aired; 18th May 2013                                                                                                                                         One of the eliminated models returns to the competition before the top six travel to Milan, Italy for the remainder of the competition. They check out their new digs however tensions are thick as they aren't happy about the comeback contestant's arrival. When Courtney overhears Tyler talking about Mallory behind her back, she decides to stir up drama by telling Mallory leading to an argument. When Courtney consoles an upset Mallory they form an unlikely friendship in the house, much to the confusion of the other contestants. The photoshoot calls for the top six to model unconventional sunglasses and bright make-up. At panel, Courtney and Jade receive the strongest critiques with almost no negatives. Stevee is once again praised for her continuing versatility. Mallory is told that although her photo is good, the judges know she can do better and want her to step up her game which lands her in the bottom three along with Katoria and Tyler. Katoria is once again saved, Tyler is eliminated for a lackluster photo which looks bad following getting best picture the week before.

  • First call-out: Jade Kersall
  • Bottom two: Katoria Inez & Tyler Snugg
  • Eliminated: Tyler Snugg

Recap Extravaganza

First aired; 13th June 2013                                                                                                                                            The two part episode kicks off with a look back over the first four episodes featuring the eliminations of Cashmere & Kara, Ali, Caintly and Courtney as well as the controversial disqualification of Charley. As promised a never before seen clip of an argument regarding elimination between Courtney and Katoria is also shown towards the end. In Part 2 it begins with another exclusive clip of Mallory's hate-hate relationship with her makeover and the girls' joy over Courtney's departure as well as a look back over the next four episodes including Jeanne, Mariah, Vienna and Tyler's eliminations and the return of Courtney. The last few minutes quickly recap individually our Top 5 contestants and analyse their performance before finishing.

The Girl Who is Striking in Person, Not in Pictures

First aired; 25th August 2013                                                                                                                                          The top five participate in a sexy photoshoot modelling swimwear surrounded by huge fountains. At panel, Courtney receives all around praise for her picture and gets best picture followed closely by Jade and Mallory. Stevee lands in the bottom two for not being able to step out of her comfort zone and own a sexy look, producing a boring picture that is reminiscent of her earlier shoots, while Katoria lands in the bottom two for delivering yet another flat picture with no spark. In the end, Stevee's strong portfolio keeps Tyra's faith in her and she is saved. Katoria, who's stunning look failed to translate into her pictures was eliminated after a fourth time in the bottom two.

  • First call-out: Courtney Hunter
  • Bottom two: Stevee Madden & Katoria Inez
  • Eliminated: Katoria Inez

The Girls Who Vogue

First aired; 28th September 2013                                                                                                                                      

The models meet with Tyra for a runway tune-up prior to the finale runway looming ahead. When the models are getting ready, Courtney tries to get under Stevee's skin yet again, however, when she makes an offensive personal comment towards Stevee, she gets an unexpected reaction. Courtney notices Tyra listening and decides to start crying to make out Stevee to be the one at fault. During the runway, Mallory is given the highest praise for her "exceptional" walk. Jade also receives praise, however her work is deemed to not be as strong as Mallory's. Courtney is told she has a good walk, however during the runway it was too sexy and was told to tone it down. Stevee still struggled with her facial expression and looking confident. At the photoshoot, the top four must don a high fashion appeal as they pose for their potential VOGUEItalia cover. At panel, Mallory's picture is mostly well received, however Tyra admits that it's not a high fashion picture. Jade's shot is universally praised by the judges for its strength; Jade is told that the high fashion market is definitely her strongest. When Courtney is evaluated, Tyra brings up the challenge and Courtney begins to lie about Stevee's actions which causes her to have a panic attack - leaving the set in the process. After Tyra learns from Jade and Mallory the truth about Courtney's behaviour, Stevee returns and her picture is judged. In the end, Jade receives best picture, followed by Mallory. Courtney and Stevee land in the bottom two, partially for their weak, overposed pictures, for their lacking runway walk and their lack of professionalism at the challenge. In the end, Stevee's portfolio saves her and Courtney is eliminated for the second time.

  • First call-out: Jade Kersall
  • Bottom two: Courtney Hunter & Stevee Madden
  • Eliminated: Courtney Hunter

The Girl Who Becomes Sims Next Top Model

First aired; 30th November 2013                                                                                                                                          

The final three are photographed by Felicia Peterson for their CoverGirl photoshoot, in which all three models excel, producing beautiful CoverGirl Billboard worthy pictures. Later, at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway all three manage to do a stellar job on stage. Jade is noted for finally being able to be sexy and is deemed the strongest walker, Stevee is most improved and Mallory fell slightly short of expectations - criticized by the judges for not showing enough emotion which didn't fit the playful runway theme. The judges then take a look at highlights from their portfolios and after a long deliberation, Stevee is eliminated in 3rd place. Shortly after, Jade is announced winner of Cycle 5 with Mallory coming in a very close second.                                                                    

  • 3rd Place: Stevee Madden
  • Runner-Up: Mallory Redford
  • Sims Next Top Model: Jade Kersall
  • Special Guests: Marjolaine, Arorah, Maria, November, Kelizanne, MieVille, Catelyn, Karine                                                                                                                             

Call-out Order

Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12
1 Mariah Katoria Jade Stevee Stevee Mallory Mallory Tyler Jade Courtney Jade Jade
2 Vienna Mariah Katoria Vienna Jade Katoria Jade Mallory Courtney Jade Mallory Mallory
3 Tyler Tyler Mallory Mallory Vienna Jade Tyler Katoria Stevee Mallory Stevee Stevee
4 Jade Jeanne Tyler Jade Jeanne Stevee Stevee Stevee Mallory Stevee Courtney
5 Caintly Mallory Stevee Jeanne Mariah Tyler Katoria Jade Katoria Katoria
6 Courtney Caintly Courtney Mariah Tyler Vienna Vienna Vienna Tyler
7 Jeanne Jade Vienna Tyler Katoria Mariah Mariah
8 Charley Stevee Mariah Katoria Mallory Jeanne
9 Katoria Courtney Jeanne Courtney
10 Ali Vienna Caintly
11 Mallory Ali
12 Stevee Charley
13 Cashmere
14 Kara
The contestant was eliminated from the competition
The contestant won the challenge
The contestant won the competition
The contestant was disqualified from the competition
The contestant was in a non-elimination bottom two
The contestant won two challenges*
The contestant was exempt from bottom-two
  • In Episode 2 Charley was disqualified during her evaluation, a regular elimination followed.
  • In Episode 5 there was no elimination.
  • In Episode 6 Mallory won the casting challenge, it was announced at panel that whoever received best picture that week would be exempt from bottom two next week, which she won also.
  • Episode 7 is split into two photoshoots. In Part 1, the final seven participate in the Gucci Photoshoot before Mariah is eliminated, then in Parts 2 & 3 The Final Six take part in the lingerie shoot before a final elimination in Los Angeles prior to the comeback in which Vienna is eliminated. Two eliminations take place this episode in seperate callouts.
  • At the end of Episode 7, Tyra announces that a contestant will return to the competition, she will rejoin at the beginning of the next episode. (Episode 8). She also reveals the mystery campaign prize.
  • Episode 9 is the Recap Episode.
  • In Episode 11, there is no official challenge winner, however, Mallory's overall runway presentation was the strongest.

Cycle Milestones

  • Katoria is the only contestant in the show's history to survive being in the bottom-two 3 times before being eliminated the fourth time. (Episodes 4, 5, 8 & 10)
  • Courtney is the first contestant to have been eliminated and brought back into the competition.
  • Courtney and Tyler both were eliminated after receiving best picture for the first time.
  • Katoria and Stevee are both the only two contestants to survive being in the bottom-two for two consecutive weeks.
  • Stevee was the first contestant of the cycle to receive best picture more than once.
  • Jade received the most first call-outs (Episodes 3, 8 & 11)
  • Jade remained in the top five callouts for 8 episodes consecutively.
  • Mallory is the only contestant to have never sent somebody else home in the bottom-two.

The Comeback

This is the first cycle of Sims Next Top Model to ever feature a comeback in which a fallen competitor is brought back into the competition. A model is due to return right before the contestants travel overseas. The formula to determine that contestant is the product of two polls. One will ask the viewers to rank the comeback contenders' portfolios from 1-10 and the other will ask them to pick their fan favourite. The total number of votes from each poll will be added together and whoever has the highest score returns.


Episode Title Ratings (1K)
5x01 "The Girls Who Come Back" 2.972
5x02 "The Girl Who Gets Disqualified" 2.977
5x03 "The Girl Who Everybody Hates" 1.026
5x04 "The Girl Who is Slipping" 0.792
5x05 "The Girls Who Survive" 0.531
5x06 "The Girl Who is Least Popular" 1.722
5x07 "The Girl Who Leaves LA Last" 1.193
5x08 "The Girl Who Stirs" 0.928
5x09 "Recap Extravaganza" 1.181
5x10 "The Girl Who is Striking in Person, not Pictures" 0.553
5x11 "The Girls Who Vogue" 1.130
5x12 "The Girl Who Becomes Sims Next Top Model" 2.304


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