It was announced on April 28th 2013 that Cycle 6 would air in Spring 2014, following a short All Stars Edition of Sims Next Top Model featuring 12 returning contestants from previous cycles of the show. As a twist, each of the 12 All-Stars will be competing in pairs resulting in weekly double eliminations. The show is only planned for 6 episodes. The cast is under construction and will be released after the current cycle's finale airs.

Official ad for All Stars along with the official premiere date.

The winner of All Stars will win a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics, a Cover and spread in Vogue Italia and Harper's Bazaar, a Versace campaign including a Billboard in Times Square New York, a contract with V I P Models and the title of the All Star Sims Next Top Model. Each episode the pairs will participate in photoshoots and at panel two teams will face elimination in the bottom-two. Every elimination, two contestants will be eliminated up until the last two teams standing in which one team will win the challenge, the losing team are the bottom two and only one model is eliminated subsequently splitting the team up before the final three compete for the crown. In the end the winner will be determind by the fans. Unlike Cycle 5, the element of social media influence will be removed except for the finale. It was revealed via the official SCNTMuploads YouTube channel on May 13th 2013 that the first duo for Sims Next Top Model All-Stars would consist of Cycle 2 breakout stars Lindsay Kingston, who was controversially eliminated earlier than she should have - as declared by viewers, and runner-up Abena Osei who was the cycle's fan favourite who lost to Nakyra Vindra in the tightest finale to date. As of December 13th 2013, the entire cast was revealed, and an unofficial premiere date was released. Even though the first episode was advertised to premiere on February 1st 2014, it was later pushed back two weeks and the official premiere date is now the 14th. In the first episode, viewers can expect the episode to open with all twelve all stars meeting in one room where tensions are already starting to boil.


The cast of Sims Next Top Model All Stars

After an awkward beginning, the teams head straight to their first photoshoot where it is revealed to them that only five teams will get to the All Star mansion in Bel Air. This cycle's format is totally different from usual cycles, after the photoshoot the models must then participate in a runway show which is revealed to be a new addition to the show's format just for All Stars. After the runway, the models are critiqued on their photoshoot by the judges and one team is eliminated. There is also an upcoming twist in the fifth episode prior to the finale. It has also been announced that Natalia Savelo, a supermodel, will be replacing Marcella van Buren since she stepped down from her role as VIP representative. The currently unknown winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 will reside on the panel as the VIP representative for Cycle 6. The current judges line up features the return of Tyra Banks and Roman Rockford along with the new addition of Natalia Savelo. Unlike last cycle, All Stars will also feature a special guest judge each week.


Contestant Creator Origin Original Rank Outcome
Vienna Mercy iSjazoo Cycle 5 7th Place Eliminated in Episode 1
Jewel Aztec 10Angel11 Cycle 3 7th Place Eliminated in Episode 1
Kimberly Kritchzek xsntmx1993x Cycle 3 Runner-Up Quit in Episode 2
Courtney Hunter SCNTMuploads Cycle 5 4th Place Eliminated in Episode 2
Nicole Washington 1TruePOWERsntm Cycle 3 6th Place Eliminated in Episode 3
Claudia Blue Simmale18 Cycle 4 3rd Place Eliminated in Episode 3
Beauty Leech 10Angel11 Cycle 4 Runner-Up Eliminated in Episode 4
Mariah Avon Malvina Lara Cycle 5 8th Place Eliminated in Episode 4
Lindsay Kingston Ghanianboi2 Cycle 2 6th Place Eliminated in Episode 5
Stevee Madden Mindless Machinima Cycle 5 3rd Place Eliminated in Episode 5
Abena Osei Ghanianboi2 Cycle 2 Runner-Up Runner-Up
Mallory Redford Asciisski Cycle 5 Runner-Up Winner

Elimination Order

Contestant Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6
Lindsay Kingston HIGH BTM2 WIN WIN ELIM
Beauty & Mariah LOW SAFE BTM2 ELIM
Claudia & Nicole BTM2 HIGH ELIM
Courtney & Kimberly WIN ELIM
Jewel & Vienna ELIM


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